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jennifer baintravel writer in search of quirk

This book is part of a global travel series for curious locals and experienced visitors. I want you to pay homage to the city that birthed a wrestling dynasty. Search for ancient sidewalk stamps and arty manhole covers. Eat prairie oysters (that’s code for cow balls). Learn all about a flamboyant madam named Diamond Dolly. Fish, surf or raft on a downtown river. Find a poem about a frog in a university stairwell. Listen for the carillon bells at lunch. Spot goats doing weed control in public parks. Discover these and many more hidden gems as the birthplace of both ginger beef and the Caesar cocktail reveals to you why it’s so much more than just home to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth for 10 days every summer. 111 Places in Calgary That You Must Not Miss was released in November 2020 and given a second edition in March 2022. It can be found on Amazon and Indigo and at any indie bookstore.

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