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jennifer baintravel writer in search of quirk

What the hay?

How lovely is this roadside hay bale/work of art in Montana? Jennifer Bain Photo

We grow hay at our Alberta bison ranch but don’t do anything creative with it like they do in Montana. I stumbled upon “Medusa-Hay” in the summer, grabbed a few photos and discovered the Montana Bale Trail’s annual “What the Hay?” contest runs on the first Sunday after Labour Day.

Sculpted hay and straw creations go up along state highways 239 and 541 from Hobson to Utica to Windham and people drive around (after checking ou the Utica Day Fair) and vote for their favourites. Medusa-Hay is still up after winning first place in 2012, and the contest launched in 1990 so my only question is why hasn’t someone in western Canada taken this clever idea and duplicated it?

Jennifer Bain

Jennifer Bain is a travel writer who wanders Canada and the world in search of quirk. She’s a journalist who started her newspaper career covering breaking news, crime and courts, and then progressed to the kinder and gentler topics of food and travel.