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jennifer baintravel writer in search of quirk

Cuba at 50 — with the kids

Charlie and I discovered this park in Cienfuegos. Jennifer Bain Photo

Facing 50, I knew two things for certain.

One: I wasn’t going to be pathetic and spend my milestone birthday at my desk. Two: Since I’m a workaholic, that meant I couldn’t actually be in the city or I’d sneak in to work.

So I told my family that we were going to Cuba, even though it meant that Santa had to come early to our home in Toronto.

We spent five days in Cienfuegos where I celebrated my birthday with horseback riding and a pig roast.

This lovely farmer handled my 50th birthday pig roast. Jennifer Bain Photo

And then we spent five days in Havana where we celebrated Christmas in a pink convertible tooling around the city.

You can read all about it in my first story for Today’s Parent — “How to do off-resort Cuba with the kids” — right here.

The kids picked the colour of the car that took us out on Christmas Day in Havana. Jennifer Bain Photo

Jennifer Bain

Jennifer Bain is a travel writer who wanders Canada and the world in search of quirk. She’s a journalist who started her newspaper career covering breaking news, crime and courts, and then progressed to the kinder and gentler topics of food and travel.