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Canada’s UFO tourism

Laurie Wickens at the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society's seasonal interpretive centre in Nova Scotia. Photo by Jennifer Bain

Who knew that Canada was home to two UFO encounter sites that are so famous (famous as in well-documented) that the Royal Canadian Mint created a collector’s coin immortalizing one of them?

I dragged my family to Manitoba last summer under the guise of staying at a ranch to go riding. Falcon Beach Ranch has ordinary trail rides, but it also has a special 1.5-hour UFO ride to the site of one man’s famous 1967 encounter with a UFO. Remember that UFO stands for unidentified flying object and doesn’t necessarily mean aliens.

Devin Imrie of Falcon Beach Ranch shows off the site of a Manitoba UFO encounter. Jennifer Bain Photo

A couple of weeks later I was in Nova Scotia and rented a car for a road trip to Shag Harbour, the site of another famous 1967 encounter. This one had multiple witnesses, including a RCMP officer and pilot. You can sit on a bench and stare at the sea where the UFO went down. And you can get a guided tour of the humble local museum.

I got to write about Canada’s UFO tourism for Daily Beast Travel. Read the story here.

Canada’s official UFO collector coin sold out in a flash when it was released in 2018.

Jennifer Bain

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